I Ll Never Forget Chapter Summaries

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In the first chapter of this book the people are facing the Great Depression. Josh, a fifteen year old boy, wakes up early in the morning to deliver papers, just so he can make a little money to help his family. Since his father lost his job, Josh has had to help by getting a job. Although they used to be close, Josh and his father now do not enjoy each other’s company. To Josh, his father badgers every move he makes and they are always arguing over nonsense. His mother, being gentle and kind, helps the family stay together with her calmness.
Josh’s high school was a refuge for him. When he was there nothing matter, because there he was able to express his love for music. Josh loved music and he met someone who shared the same interest. Howie was a little younger than Josh and he could play almost every instrument. When they were playing music together, the sound was exquisite. The music took away all of their sorrows and pains and anything that was negative. At their high school they actually got to enjoy themselves.
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Kitty is his father’s daughter from his previous marriage. Kitty went to try for a job and she froze up, when she told her father he began to fuss at her. He was not regularly mean to Kitty because she was his first child. So, this was a little surprising to Josh because of how he felt.
His father kept fussing at him, he tried his best to be nice for the sake of his mother. Although Josh had a point, Josh’s mother stood by his father. That hurt Josh because he thought his mother would be there for him. Josh knew that trying to go against his father in his on house would just make things worse. Josh knew that it would be better for him to just be on his on. Josh told Howie and they automatically began to make plans for leaving Chicago and never coming back. Although there was no promises in the wind, they had
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