I Look Around The Table, Confused

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I look around the table, confused. “The tracks? What do you mean?” Aiden locks his steely gaze with my confused one, “I illegally race for money.” My eyes widen in realization. Yesterday he said he had connections with mechanics and gets new tires practically every few weeks. Why else would you need to keep getting new tires? Plus he drives a beautiful car that’s perfect for racing. The dots all connect. “But— how? Like how does it all work?” I couldn’t stop picturing scenes from The Fast and The Furious: large crowds, sketchy people, loud music, practically naked girls walking around everywhere. I mean realistically, if that went on every Friday night, especially with such loud cars all gathered together, how did other people and cops…show more content…
I always did wonder how Aiden was able to pay for everything, and I guess this is the answer. “How much do you make from one race?” I ask. “Depends on how much you want to bet,” Aiden says vaguely. “How much did you make last Friday?” I know he was there last Friday. It was when Chase stumbled his way to Charlotte’s house drunk from a party he went to in order to drunkenly proclaim his love for her. He mentioned something about Aiden being at the “tr—,” before he passed out. Also, when Chase passed out, I called Aiden to see if he can get him, but he sent me directly to voicemail. I guess I know now why he ignored my call. “Around two grand,” he answers nonchalantly. I stare at him shocked, secretly wishing that I was drinking water at that moment so that I had a valid reason to do a spit take. “Two thousand dollars?! In one night?!” Char choruses in disbelief. She and I are the only ones who clearly have no idea about any of this. Anna doesn’t seem shocked, but I can’t see Julian hiding something like this from her. I’m surprised Chase didn’t say anything to Charlotte. But from how they all act when the subject comes up, I’m assuming it’s something Aiden doesn’t want anyone to know about. The puzzle pieces click together. Aiden would never be able to support himself and two kids with a part time job after school. He would need to drop out and get a full time job, and even then he would be scraping by. Either way he would never even be home to
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