I Love Florida Gulf Coast University

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Part A: Desired Occupation
Florida Gulf Coast University: Vice President for Advancement & Executive Director of Foundation

Between my freshman and sophomore year of college I completed a 450 hour internship at All Children’s Hospital. This internship although it was mainly administrative showed me a side of hospitals that most people don’t see. I was able to see the behind-the-scenes of fundraising and public relations. I had first hand exposure to the world of fundraising for an organization that relies on fundraising. Two years later completed my bachelors of science in general business management.

I am currently pursuing my masters in business administration and focusing in marketing. I feel that through marketing I can combine both public relations and fundraising. Ever since I was little I wanted to find a career that let me do what I love and find a way to help people. While waiting to hear about my acceptance into the MBA program at FGCU I applied to a graduate assistant position within FGCU’s University Advancement department. As a graduate student this was the dream position I had been looking for. It was the opportunity I had been looking for that would allow me to use the skills I had gained by volunteering at All Children’s Hospital. The old saying, “how do you get a job without experience, how do you get experience without a job” does have an answer; it’s volunteering.

While working for FGCU Alumni Relations within FGCU University Advancement I have had
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