I Love Me Research Paper

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Some hobbies that I enjoy are playing football, sailing, traveling, and studying politics. I love being physically active and playing outside as soon as I get the chance. I am a very outdoorsy person all together. Football is one of my favorite sports. I love anything competitive. I was introduced to football at a young age when my father used to take me to my hometown high school team, Central High School (Bridgeport), football games. As I got older, he would take me to Division 1 college football games, and from their, NFL games at Metlife Stadium. I love the Green Bay Packers, and people often recognize me as always wearing Green Bay's apparel. I would never miss a game, always laying on my couch, with my jersey chanting at the inatimate television screen at the top of my lungs like a deranged person. When football wasn't on the big screen, I was playing the sport outside with my neighbors, who would always bring out my competivie side and challenge me. Some day I hope of playing for atleast a high school team, which will be challenging due…show more content…
I love beaches, or any place tropical, especially in the caribean or bahamas. Last year I went to Ixtapa, Mexico and I had a blast sailing all day and spending time with my family on the white sandy beaches. This also ties in with my passion of traveling. I love traveling, especially to warm places. My dream is actually moving to Florida so I could hang out the beaches all day, and to escape the harsh wrath of winter. Everywhere my family and I travel, I have a blast. I make sure I take a lot of pictures on vacations so I can hang them up on my wall and look back to the moment and savor it. One of the places me and my family go every year is Cape Cod. We always rent a house right on the beach and swim in the bay till tusk, having the time of our lives. Just spending time with my family in general is an amazing experience already, something that I value and will value for the rest of my
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