I Love My Horse Research Paper

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She’s 5’3, loves to rodeo, and to ride her horse on her free time it’s Kacey Green. Running barrels and poles at regular horse shows and running barrels at rodeos. She loves her pets and friends. She’s been riding horses since she was six years old. Her name is Kacey Green.
First of all, horseback riding allows me to bond with my horse. Riding bareback is a way to balance on the horse so you don’t fall off. Running barrels and poles are fun because it can be exciting, energy rush, and sometimes it can stressful because you have to concentrate on not knocking down a barrel or pole and getting the fastest time. Spending time with my horse is fun because I can pratice, go for a short ride, give him a bath, clean his stall, brush him off, get all the knots out of his mane and tail, and clean his hooves. Trail riding is fun because you get to explore nature, see animals sometimes, spend time with my mom, get some fresh air, and most all just have fun and loosen up. Rodeo is a way to make new friends and gets your horse use to bulls and being in a close area to go to the arena and run the pattern. That’s why horseback riding is important to me.
Another thing that is important to me is my friends. My friends help me
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Whenever it’s nice outside my dog and I go for a walk on our rode it’s relaxing and not stressful. Sometime when i’m working on the farm i’ll take a break and play with them. When i’m down or feeling sick my dogs always cheer me up by getting me all hyped up and going for a walk and playing some ball. The last thing is they are good guard dogs, my puppy which is only four years old is very protective of my family, he’s always on guard, he lets my little sister climb all over him and stuff. Whenever my mom isn't home I let him roam the house and he jumps in bed with me or my little brother, Dustin. That's why my dogs are interesting to
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