I Love Reading The Ask Liz

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I love reading the “Ask Liz” column from Forbes.com, which is where contributor Liz Ryan answers and talks about different Human Resources and workplaces issues in her editorial. I mean, I am seriously addicted to her articles because I think she always gives out practical and reasonable, but for forward thinking advice to other individual’s struggles in the workplace. Well recently, one article mentioned the 360-degree feedback systems, and Human Resource Liz asserted that, “Anonymous feedback from one teammate to another is a shameful illustration of an organization’s failure to build trust, and therefore failure to lead” (Ryan, 2016 p 2). Liz even went on to elaborate that “The idea that we will get better feedback from an anonymous, cloaked-in-secrecy survey than from live, honest, trust-based conversations with our own teammates is an indication of how mechanical our management mindset has become” (Ryan, 2016 p 2). I am inclined to agree with Liz. After being in this program for almost a little over two years, I would like to say, I hate doing the 360-degree assessments. One reason, I feel like I cannot really be honest in the assessment and what my expectations are for each of our assignments, and secondly, I would love to be able to just lay my honest thoughts in the assessment, with my team members knowing what I specifically wrote for each of them. Sometimes I even consider breaking the rule and putting my name on the assessment for each of team members, so that
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