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Fresno, Texas is in Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County consists of various cities and Fresno is amongst these cities. Fresno is a very beautiful diverse small town with about 19,000 populations. The Blacks and African Americans are the major population right next to the Hispanics population. The states that the Hispanics are the second largest group living in Fresno. On the race chart, they are 33.1 percent making them about 6,318 residents. However, the Hispanics brings culture to the community especially when it comes to music, events, schools, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and restaurants. As I walk around the environment, I can hear Spanish music playing at the neighbor’s house, even though I do not understand…show more content…
I enjoyed taking these walk on the neighborhood streets because it brings so many memories. Life had made it that sometimes we can be so busy with work or school that we tend to miss the little things that life has to offer; the fresh air reminds me of my high school days. I went to Hightower High School located here at Fresno and my school consists of African Americans and Hispanics so I enjoyed the best of both worlds and cultures. As I walk past my old high school, I noticed that the school buses were parked outside ready to pick up the students to take them back home. It is very easy to notice the diversity of students, which consists of blacks and Hispanic plus few others races. I also noticed the closeness of the two dominate race. I see a couple of interracial couples amongst the students. Personally, I love to see the harmony of different race coming together as one or at least accepting and learning from each other. I think that the world will be a much better place if we can all accept and love each other as we love ourselves. It is very easy to find this pure love amongst the younger generations then the older generations. On a lighter note, I think that the community should expand a little more. The community needs more infrastructure, more developments, middle schools, businesses and organizations. For example, Fresno is divided into two visible sections, the first half of the section has residential and the
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