I Love You Wade Analysis

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“I love you, Wade, you big idiot,” Peter spoke, his tone almost too quiet even to his own ears. The only response he got in return was the light breeze blowing against his cheek and the gentle sway of the bare trees surrounding him. Paired with his own soft sniffles.

Tears slid down his pink stained cheeks, he never thought he would have to be in this position. It was always assumed that it’d be the other way around, not to say that would be any better.

A grave sat in front of him displaying his love’s name in font almost too pretty to be appropriate. Flowers decorated the edges of the plot along with a little Canadian flag (courtesy of Steve after being told an American Flag would make no sense).

The funeral had been weeks ago, yet the second date engraved into the stone still haunted Peter’s thoughts. It
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He remembers The Green Goblin fighting him and he remembers Wade swooping in to help save the day. He remembers Norman pinning him down long enough to pull out a syringe of a green liquid. He remembers Wade getting in the way and wrestling around with the monster. He remembers Wade getting injected with the serum and the pained screams that followed after.

He remembers getting Wade to Stark Tower and he remembers waiting for Wade to heal like he always does. But this time, he remembers Wade getting worse instead of better. His cancer was as bad as ever. His skin becoming almost too sensitive to touch. He remembers Wade telling him that even moving his eyes hurt him.

Every detail of the last two months was etched into his memory, depriving him of sleep and making his appetite less than normal. His voice was always hoarse after falling asleep, his screams from the nightmares becoming too much for his throat to handle.

It become so bad that he had to sell his apartment and move into Stark Tower to be looked after. His room had to be made sound proof so he didn't make anybody else up when the night terrors become too
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