I Love Yous Are for White People Essay

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Jimmy Nguyen English049 Assignment 1 A memoir from Lac Su, "I love Yous Are for white People" " I love Yous Are for White People" is a memoir about Lac's journey and his family immigrated to America from Vietnam, after the Vietnam's War. Lac's family had to deal with cultural shock, language barrier, and difficulty finding jobs. As a Vietnamese immigration myself, I feel like Lac's experiences live through me because there were a lot of similarities in his memoir compared to my past experiences with my parents. Lac's family and many immigrations families had the same circumstances, that had a hard time adapting to a new cultural, and establish a new life in America. As the result, this environment played a…show more content…
This can be a humiliating experience for many parents, which is worsened by their lack of knowledge about the English language. Along the process, most Vietnamese parents must deal with the unfamiliarity of U.S. culture, values, and rules in the working environment and the potential for discrimination.".This section of the article is discussing how Vietnamese immigration parents can be overly stress , and add to the authoritarian parenting method. This kind of behavior from parents can have a negative affecting on children. In fact, it only discourage children from striving for success knowing that there will be no rewards but only criticism. This is reflected Lac's experiences throughout his memoir. Lac's journey began when his family settled on Western Avenue in Hollywood, California. Pa has high expectations on Lac because Pa has a hard time adapting to a new culture, and difficulty finding jobs. So Pa wants Lac to mature beyond his age, and become independent. But the only way Pa knows to help Lac achieves that goal is based on his past experiences through brutal discipline and tough love. During one of the their usual tutoring sessions, Lac experiences extreme physical and emotional abuse from Pa. Pa abuses Lac emotionally with his words, and physically with the bamboo stick because Lac is not performing up to Pa's standards. La describes his father's temper as " a
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