I Loved At The Library

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As a child my three favorite books that I can remember were: The Giving Tree, Charlotte 's Web, and The Black Stallion. I could read those books time and time again, and yet they would never get old. Growing up reading was always encouraged especially in elementary. I loved going to the library, the feeling of excitement ran through my tiny body to see what new book I would pick out. Not only did I enjoy reading but I enjoyed the daily journal writings. We either had a specific topic or situation and we had have to elaborate on how we would approach such situation or we would just write about whatever we wanted. Fourth grade a joined a UIL section named “Reading”. The instructor would give you a poem to read and you would read it with expression. Literacy was a big deal elementary through middle school. There was huge emphasis on strategy to ensure that everyone was able to pass the TAKS tests. Although from elementary to middle school the importance of going to the library and checking out a book to read became less important. In middle school literacy revolved around learning strategies. So my interest for books decreased. In high school however summer reading became a part of my summers. I read two books my whole four years of high school The Life of Pi and Tortilla Flat. The other books just didn’t catch my interest or I just didn’t have time to read them. Honestly reading makes me sleepy now. The only reading I do now is just mainly school based. I really enjoy reading
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