I Loved The Village Of Scotland

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I loved the village of Edzell in the beautiful country of Scotland. As you emerge from the path in the woods you become surrounded and enriched in the “small town feel”. Walking down the main street and looking towards both sides, you are flanked by a multitude of quaint, little shops, each offering their unique business. My favorite shop, was The Tweedie, not only because it was home to the tasty toastie, hangout spot of Ernie, had everything to offer including a café, an area to shop for apparel, home décor, and “little nick nacks”, but also because it was consistently full of locals and created an amazing atmosphere that made me feel as if I was actually part of the Edzell community. However, I soon realized this was the case for all…show more content…
They believe a small shop is defined as follows: '”Average’ shop operates as a sole trader, is more than two miles from its nearest competitor, and compete with one or more mobile shops for a limited range of products. The shopkeeper may have taken over the business within the past 5 years and is likely to employ at least two other staff, probably females, on a part-time basis. The shop is open at least 6 and probably 7 days a week and for over 10 hours per day on weekdays. The shopkeeper is unlikely to have taken specialist training but is potentially interested in future courses. The shop stocks a range of 'everyday ' products, including general groceries, which represents the highest turnover, and is run in conjunction with a sub post office or other business” (Smith, Andrew Sparks; 42).
Furthermore, “customers use the shop for 'top up ' shopping and only a small number of customers are visitors or tourists” (Smith, Andrew Sparks; 42). This is similar to The Tweedie, while it may seem very busy and consistently full, the distinctions listed above qualify it as a small shop. This is the problem when identifying a small shop; although it may feel and look like a small shop, its characteristics may signify that it is not.
Unfortunately, “the general view of the small shop is that it is in decline, unable to compete with multiple retailers and keep up with changing consumer
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