I Met Mr. C Essay

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I met Mr. C. on a pleasant, sunny afternoon in early September. He and his wife were sitting on the front porch of the residential nursing facility where he has spent the last eight months. She was swaying gently in a rocking chair, while he sat next to her in a wheelchair. A handsome African American man with a wide grin and lively eyes, he was neatly dressed in black dress pants, a tucked-in grey t-shirt with “U.S. Air Force” emblazoned across the front, and a red, white and blue baseball cap atop his bald head. As soon as the greetings were complete, his wife bid us farewell, and Mr. C. reached into a bag and pulled out a handful of worn, black-and white-photographs and began to talk. Born on May 31, 1935, in Portal, Georgia, Mr. C. was the eldest child of three. His father was a Pentecostal pastor and his mother a seamstress and a housekeeper. The family came from strong agricultural roots, owning 160 acres of farmland, passed down from Mr. C.’s grandfather. Every morning, Mr. C. and his younger brother and sister got up “early, early” to work the fields before school. The family farmed peanuts, cotton, corn, and sugar cane and raised livestock and swine. As the pastor’s family, going to church on Sundays was absolutely mandatory. Mr. C.’s parents strongly believed in the value of education. Every morning, the children left for school at 8:30. There wasn’t a school bus available to them, so they walked five miles each way. Because traveling by road would
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