I Met My Best Friend

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For every person that exists, there is at least one other person with whom they will laugh with, love with, and live life with. These are the people who will support the decisions you make, encourage you to keep going after massive failures and love you despite all your flaws. We cherish the relationships we build and the friendships we have because without friends, we would be alone. I met my best friend when I was eleven-years-old. Our teacher forced us to sit next to each other after the first few days of school. We didn’t talk to each other much because we both had our own friends. However, one day, we decided to each lunch together and we started hanging out more and more. Soon, we became inseparable. People could tell that we were best friends by the way we acted around each other. Much like my best friend and I, the devotion and loyalty between two friends are shown through real life interactions. However, written words can also show how much two friends care for one another. Text messages and wedding speeches may seem to have no connection to each other but both genres reveal how close two people are. A wedding speech is usually given by the maid-of-honor and the best man. These two positions hold special meaning because it is meant to be given by someone whom the bride and groom cherish and love. To be given the position of maid-of-honor or best man already shows how much love and respect the bride or groom has for their friend. Wedding speeches, in return, show

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