I Met Up With A Young Lady Name Zeinab At Starbucks

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At 8AM on Monday, July 27, I met up with a young lady name Zeinab at Starbucks located in Redding, California. The interview started at 8:15AM after ordering our coffee. Our conversation lasted until 9:50AM; Zeinab had to leave due to a lunch meeting with one of her friend’s before her vacation in California comes to an end. The interviewee’s name is Zeinab, a female foreign student from Morocco, who can speak fluent Arabic, English and French. At the age 18, Zeinab arrived in California to purse a higher education (Bachelor Degree). Before coming to American in December 2009, Zeinab’s father was against having his daughter come to an unknown and far distance place from Morocco. From hearing stories about how a young female should not be alone in distance places terrified her father. Another reason was how dangerous it is for a female to travel to another foreign place. After Zeinab’s father concerns she still decided to study in another country. The first two years of studying in America, it was at Shasta College. After Shasta College Zeinab transferred to George Mason University, which is located in the East Coast. During her first year in America she thought it was immature for students to say or take breaks from school. Zeinab realized in her twenties studying aboard how common it is for American students to take a few months to years off from school. The change of perspective helped clarify the differences from her culture to the American culture. With this

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