I Murdered my Mother

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“I was convicted for attempted murder of my mother. It has been years now my mother had a terminal illness. The health administration hasn’t found a cure for it and probably won’t for years to come. The disease had robbed her ability to move her muscle for breathing instead. She was craving for death day after day to end the sufferings. The unfortunate day, when she was racked with pain, the agony was swallowing her from inside. She glared at me and begged to relieve her from unbearable torture. Before her death, I administered 20mg morphine. After an hour, I administered another dose of 40 mg though the prescribed dose was of 10mg/24 hours. Finally, I fulfilled her wish by administrating another 20mg dose and freed her from excruciating pain. I am guilty of overdosing my mother but the intention was to save her from dying inch by inch from twinge”. This might be the story of many individuals whose loved ones are suffering from terminal illness. But what brings the person to consider such an act and put their dear ones life to an end? In the game of life and death, life would be the most probable answer one would think. Because life is a precious gift intertwined with emotions and experiences and is substance of ones existence. But when pain overweighs the joy of life one begin to question whether to endure or not. Quit from life is the solely answer, strike in mind to escape from pain and sense of loss of control. In the support Pamela bone has rightly quoted “I’m not
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