I Must Be The Best On Your Worst Day

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It is my goal to make a positive difference in the lives of my students every day. In order to do this, I must be the best; not even that, but, as Ronda Rousey says, “you must be the best on your worst day” (71). As an aspiring teacher, I believe that being the best on your worst day means having a positive attitude despite any challenges, continuing to emphasize personal growth and learning undeterred by obstacles and truly being present with your students through the distractions of daily life.
In the past 60 years, initiatives such as the Civil Rights Movement, A Nation At Risk, No Child Left Behind, and A Race To The Top have worked to improve curriculum and instruction so that students’ may become productive, contributing members of
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Being that teacher and making that difference is what I am trained to do. In her TED Talks presentation, Rita Pierson says, “We’re educators. We’re born to make a difference” (TED Talks). I believe it is my duty to be the best, even on my worst day; to make a positive difference.

The 1983 publishing of A Nation At Risk, a landmark event in modern American educational history, marked a turning point, or rather a catalyst, for educational reform. After an eighteen month study, it was found that twenty three million Americans and thirteen percent of all seventeen year olds were functionally illiterate. These findings led the publishing to suggest reforms for the system. "The teaching of English in high school should equip graduates to: (a) comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and use what they read; (b) write well-organized, effective papers; (c) listen effectively and discuss ideas intelligently; and (d) know our literary heritage and how it enhances imagination and ethical understanding, and how it relates to the customs, ideas, and values of today 's life and culture” (A Nation At Risk, 25). The goal of A Nation At Risk was to promote education in order to help fortify the nation’s future. The goal of this education was to excel as a system, which is defined by the National Commission on Excellence in Education as "a school or college that sets high expectations and goals
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