I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

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Schizophrenia has long been a devastating mental illness and only recently have we begun to see an improvement in our capabilities to treat this disorder. The development of neuroleptics such as, Haldol, Risperidal, and Zyprexa have given psychiatrists, psychologists and their patients great hope in the battle against this mental disease. However, during the 1960s, drugs were not available and psychologists relied upon psychotherapy in order to treat patients. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, is a description of a sixteen-year-old girl's battle with schizophrenia, in the 1960s. Deborah Blau's illness spanned three years, in which she spent her life in a mental institution. The book itself is a semi-autobiographical account of…show more content…
She is a beautiful goddess who watches over Deborah. In the midst of the story, Deborah accidentally leaves a clue in the real world to the existence of Yr. In order to keep this from happening again, she creates The Censor to guard Yr's secrets from earth. When Deborah first creates Yr, it is a sort of haven, but as time goes on, the gods of Yr become Deborah's masters and control her every word and action. For instance, The Censor becomes a tyrant who watches and controls all of Deborah's actions. In addition, The Collect is a chorus of voices that constantly criticize Deborah in Yr. They are representative of all the teachers, peers, and neighbors who abused and insulted Deborah throughout her childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, her escape becomes her confinement. During Deborah's three years in the hospital, the reader is provided with a glimpse of mental illness from the patient's point of view. Deborah's parents, Esther and Jacob, show the struggle that family members face. This is a conflict between their love for their daughter and their shame of her illness. They blame themselves for what their daughter is facing and they fear what they must do to help her. In spite of this, they manage to gather the courage to get Deborah treatment, and allow it to continue, even though the therapy seems to have no effect for quite some time. They obtain assistance from a brilliant psychiatrist, who is not only

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