I/O Psychology Personal Statement

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Introduction Looking back on my higher education experiences from the past five years I cannot believe what I have accomplished. I begin at the University of Cincinnati as a Psychology major and decided I wanted to do more than just study psychology. I have always been interested in Psychology, but I knew there was more out there that I could my degree for. I then discovered Organizational Leadership/Human Resources and I fell in love. I was fascinated with how well psychological principles actually mixed with business and HR. I began to find myself wanting to pursue more than just a certificate in OLHR and decided to look in graduate school. I found the 4+1 bachelors to masters option here at UC for Psychology + MHR. I began taking OLHR courses in combination with my psychology courses and began seeing the connections mold into one field.
I realized that psychology and OLHR do not have to be two separate entities, but they are essentially they’re own field of Psychology entirely. Here is where I finally discovered I/O Psychology. I was continuing on
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In addition to the tools, and for the fact that there are only six main tools and there were seven students in the course, a background/presentation portion was added. So out of the seven choices, we were asked to rank which choice we wanted and we each got our first pick! Each student was assigned that choice and owned their part for the final product. My choice was for the presentation and background information. I provided background on bullying, other anti-bullying programs, Rachel’s Challenge and evaluation. I also create a presentation of our project and presented it to the class at the end of the semester. Taylor and I had discussed possibly staying with Dr.Green into this semester to continue the evaluation. That possibly turned into a
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