I Often Hear The Phrase “Have Faith In God” In Response

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I often hear the phrase “have faith in God” in response to an uncertain circumstances. For most people who believe in God, this phrase always seems to bring a sense of relief to the current troubles that they are facing. According the Merriam-Webster, faith means a “firm belief in something for which there is no proof”. Faith in God is having confidence in God that you will receive his blessings in the face of difficulties. To quote a friend of mine, faith is a blind trust on a belief. I pose this question, is it better to have faith in a belief without evidence or is it better to have faith in a belief with strong evidence to back it up? In a logical way of thinking, having strong evidence wins this argument over faith without…show more content…
No one has the right to claim a belief without putting effort in to proving that claim as that claim can largely affect those around them. In the belief of God, it is irrational to believe if there is no evidence of that belief.
Michael Bergman’s Rational Religious Belief without Arguments, defends the arguments that idea of belief in God is a rational belief. Bergman’s explains on what makes a belief rational and irrational. He uses examples of a person feeling pain, the person feels it because he felt the pain, it is based on experience not based on another belief. A basic belief does not need an argument. He talks about how beliefs are formed based on memory, visual, and feel. Bergman introduces a term sense of divinity that Reformed Epistemology termed for a basic belief in God. Sense of divinity according to Reformed Epistemology lies within humans, and the fact that people have a sense of divinity therefore the belief of God is a basic belief. Basic belief is a rational belief, which makes belief in God rational. He explains with an example of a person who enjoy torturing people, some will say that’s morally wrong, but others say that it was not because it served a purpose. Was it wrong for the people to believe it was morally wrong? No because it is their belief based on their moral standards. It seems like torture, because
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