I Originally Became Interested In Surgery Since Last Semester

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I originally became interested in surgery since last semester clinical, when I and a classmate was given the opportunity to watch a total knee arthroplasty procedure done. We were not given the opportunity to go into the operating room at that time by we were able to watched the entire action in the room. Since then, I became fascinated with how surgery flows and I was amazed how professional the medical team and focus on the same goal, get the job done in a professional and SAFETY manner. Today, I was fortunate to do my clinical on the surgery in the hospital, I was able to observe and participate in taking care of the patient in the pre-operative area, operating room, and post-operating are. My case that I had today, is an elderly…show more content…
In the pre-op I shadowed Hope, she has a very alert, attentive, focus and organized. Hope verified all the information she had received from Roxie, and went through again with the patient. Hope explained to the patient about drugs being administered before he will be wheeled into the operating room. Various drugs reduce vagal –induced bradycardia, inhibit oral and gastric secretions, and decreased the amount of anesthetic needed for the induction and maintenance of anesthesia (Ignatavicius & Workman, p 234). Before Hope administer all the ordered medications to the patient, the anesthesiologist came in and talked to patient, went through all the information about the past medical history, allergies, and if he had any reaction to any anesthetic agents that they use. The anesthesiologist also had a form explaining to the patient how the doctor preferred the patient to be anesthetized during the procedure which is general anesthesia commonly used in this kind of procedure. After all the anesthesia information was explain to the patient, the patient signed the form. Hope also waited for the surgeon to come and see the patient while the patient still awake before Hope can administer all the preoperative drugs and verify the operating room team that their patient is ready. When all of these are said and done Hope administer all the medications and

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