I Overcame In College

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How and why did you choose your major? When I went to college the first time, I was thinking about going into medical school so I chose a Science Major of Chemistry and then I didn’t like Chemistry so I changed to Biology and I really liked that so I stayed in Biology and concentrated in Cellular Molecular Biology and Genetics.

If you could go back, what about college would you do differently? I think the first thing is I would go to a much smaller school. I went to a really large university where I didn’t really have my professors get to know me and how I learn and things like that. If I can do it again, I would go to a small school where it’s more like high school where the professors know you and can help you and actually know you by name, not by a number.
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I had to be very independent and learned to do things on my own, scheduling when I have test, when I have class, and making sure that I studied, did all the work I needed to. Because I didn’t have the same classes everyday, I had to figure it out a way to organize what I needed in order to do that.

What was the biggest obstacle you overcame in college? For me, it would be that when I was in high school, everything was easy, it was an A. And then when I got to college, suddenly, I was making Cs, which I had never made before. It was hard to accept that “Okay, I am making C’s, I got to work harder to make A’s.” And then when I went to college the second time, I was making all
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