I Propose We Do Something About The Underlying Problems

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I propose we do something about the underlying problems in feminism, it has poetical to do amazing things but certain stereotypes and problems have caused the idea of feminism to be twisted. Many women who are in fact feminists are clouded on what an actual feminism is. Many scholars and writers have written on certain issues on “What is wrong with feminism” or even how bad one side of other feminist are. Some feminist/scholars have said that the racism, sexism, and gender hate discrimination is hugely impacted the way feminists view each other. Although some of these accusations are true, most of them stereotype a huge number of feminists. I propose that feminism will improve if we all come together and fight serious issues together. Many…show more content…
Literature Review General topic of discussion for feminism is mainly on the opinion that were fighting for some type of equality between men and women. Most scholars tend to discuss feminism between the difference between races or first world versus Third World feminism. The first scholar is Djamila Ribeiro gives her personal aspect of black feminism and the current political debate. She brings out the absence of ethical reshot perspective especially in the feminist movement. She emphasizes that black people shouldn 't sit back and take being oppressed. She also talks about accepting other types of people who are discriminated against whether it be race, class, or gender. The second scholar Renée F. Precopio and Laura R. Ramsey talk about men in the feminist movement. They also talk about how world concerns and how it affects men that endorse feminism. They used factual evidence, conducted off of a online survey where people were assessed on certain aspects of feminism and morality. Then the third scholar Azizah Hibri talks about third World women/feminism and the difference between first world feminism. She talks about being inspired by first world woman, and that it was a huge part in the movement
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