I Pull-Out Program Essay

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I completely find this to be true. As kid I was a part of the pull-out program. It was in fifth grade. I excelled in reading and writing, but fairly average in math and everything else they taught. The result in that is that I had a completely different English teacher from my normal teacher. This caused me a lot of distress. I did not understand I could not just have the same teacher teach me everything. A lot of things that happened in elementary school seemed like just a huge blur. All I remember is just learning how to do basic math and basic English skills. I do not remember anything else. I just remember whenever a guest would come or we had a fire drill I use to think to myself, “Yay a free day!” I remember not paying attention to anything…show more content…
The second lesson is number five called intellectual dependency. He states, “successful children do the thinking I assign them with a minimum of resistance and a decent show of enthusiasm” (7). I feel like I got heavily conformed into this lesson. One thing I always joked to my dad about is that my life is school. I always did my work. I love school, always have. It was not until I got older I started to question everything. School is so closely tied to being successful, so upon that I stopped questioning of whether or not I should quit school. We are heavily trained to believe that without school we will get nowhere in life. But necessarily that is not the case, education is what is necessary to be successful not a school system. Another Gatto states, “We’ve built a way what they are told because they don’t know to tell themselves what to do” (8). I agree with this. I believe I have a blend of both. I teach myself and am taught to. There is a majority of people who do not know how to live without someone ordering them and it is one of the craziest things I have witnessed. We lack individuality in America, but the government wants us all to be alike so we do not step out of
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