I Ready For A Leader

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Am I ready to be a Leader?

To me this topic is like double edge sword because I am currently in a couple of leadership roles. My hope would be that, yes, I am ready. What I have learned in my different roles and what the articles describe; there are different categories related to leadership. There are managers and there are leaders.
There are different positions that are just managerial, some that require you to be a manager and a leader and some that are only leader positions. I think the higher up the ladder in a company or corporation you go the more likely you are to be in the leader role. I think front line or middle management positions are usually a manager/leader combination.
I feel that my skills are stronger in management and
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A leader is able to adapt and embrace change. They walk the talk, they have a vision that others want to help achieve. Individuals have the desire to be better when they work with a good leader.
I believe that leadership is different depending on what the situation is. Being in a leadership position with my church and on a community council means I work with an organizations of “volunteers”. Everyone is usually willing to perform different duties or assignments, but if they don’t take it seriously and they lack commitment, you can’t do a disciplinary action or fire them. You have to be ready to pick up any slack and complete the assignments. It is still important to have a vision and lead you team to achieve what that vision is. You need to utilize the strength of each member and to become a strong team.
As leader in a work environment you have the responsibility to make sure that all employees are meeting or exceeding their job requirements. You should be developing and helping each employee to grow, advance and feel valued. You have actions plans to help improve performance and hold them accountable for their actions.
As a leader for a financial institution; we’ve had a couple of guest speakers that talked about emotional intelligence so I really appreciated the article and the importance that it put on those components. For me it was very helpful as I thought about “Am I ready to be a Leader” to do a self-evaluation using these five areas.
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