I Really Enjoyed The Last Night Of Presentations

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I really enjoyed the last night of presentations. I really learned a lot of what the business world is like. I find this very ironic considering that I am married to a guy who has worked at Transamerica as a senior analysist for derivatives. He has always talked about it a little here and there, but I never got quite the look into it as I did from take the class with a lot of business people. I have always been a little bitter about these team building things that he does. They go bowling, they go to the lake and out to bars. Everything they do involves some form of alcohol. I thought it was a pointless waste of time to hang out with his work friends. Now from taking this class I understand how important team building is. I understand why it is vital to the success of his team. I only wish that we had something more similar at my place of employment. I do not get paid to drink at work, in fact it is pretty frowned upon!

I thought the presentation that involved a lot of the books we read were kind of repetitive. I would not have been able to write a 12 page paper on something I have already read about. I did enjoy the education, the conflict management aspects to the presentation. I hope the nursing aspect was not completely boring to the business people. I enjoyed Jen talking about nurse residency programs. They are the up and coming thing now, and because I have been a nurse for a while I do not have any participation with them. I just hear other nurses
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