I Remember Taking My First Advanced Placementclass In High

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I remember taking my first Advanced Placement class in high school. This new experience was rigorous and it had me study day and night. But that class was not where I discovered how leadership within the liberal arts made me want to become a better writer. It was when I was a junior in high school and I was taking APLanguage. I had a teacher who was as meticulous as she was crazy. It was there I learned the wrongs of writing. But her way of writing was not the way I wanted to write nor was it the “proper” way of writing. For starters, her way of teaching was off, her instructions were unclear, and she never taught me exactly how to write. In fact, there were many instances in my life where I had experienced…show more content…
It made me question how exactly was I ever to learn how to write the correct way if all she did was criticize me for a simple “to be” verb. She not only was a terrible teacher with her unclear criticism, but at times she made me feel weaker and I had little confidence when writing essays. Whenever I typed or wrote, there was always this pressure of whether or not this pleases her thus making her feel more of a bully and less of a teacher or heck even a leader. She even made me question the true meaning of liberal arts. Like, I know there will be critics like her but at least they will give me feedback that will help me. However, there was a time where I had experienced the other side of leadership for my writing. It was now my senior year and I was ready to get out of my high school for good. My APLITERATURE teacher was a lax yet strict when he needed to be. I went from a 68 on essay in the beginning to a high A on each essay at the end of the year. I learned that an essay does not need to have such vague adjectives like “statuesque” or “judicious”. It never has to “look” smart, but its content must be smart. He always told me to just keep it simple and get straight to the point. If I had never taken his class, I would have never have been admitted into Agnes Scott College. I am blessed to have had a leader like him to be have been one of my mentors and my family friend.
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