I Remember When I First Met Sherlock Holmes

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Sept. 10, 2015 I remember when I first met Sherlock Holmes. We were in the eighth grade at Constance Middle School. The school year was coming to an end, and everyone was buzzing with excitement, talking about their plans for summer and graduation. With one month left in the school year, people were being accepted into private high schools, and exclusive home programs that I could only dream of. Throughout all of my years of middle school, my grades were never satisfactory. I was all Bs and Cs, which was never good enough for my school. The teachers expected us to have a 4.0 all three years of middle school, and most students did. But I was never up to standard in my classes, although I tried my best to be. Somehow, this…show more content…
Pretending I don 't notice his casual dress, I ask him for his name; although I already know it. "Sherlock," he replies, ignoring me still. Ever since I joined Constance, checking my grades had become a daily habit. With my average G.P.A being a 3.83, anything below a B- was shocking. So, when I checked my grades and saw my final grades were all Cs, I was not happy. In fact, I gasped louder than I have to this very day! Phone in hand, I immediately called the school counselor and set a meeting date. "Seems to me like a computer error! I recommend asking your teachers about this personally, but I bet they will tell you the same. These things happen!" Ms. Practi - the school counselor - bants. These things happen?! Not this close to graduation! I smile and nod, then thank her for meeting with me. She 's probably right anyways, it was probably just a glitch in the system. But what if it wasn 't? I think. Throughout all of my schooling, I had never been this stressed about my grades. First period blew by, along with second and third. Fourth period dragged on for what seemed like forever, but ended abruptly when an unexpected fire drill blared through the unsuspecting school. In chemistry, Sherlock and I were assigned as partners for our weekly summary. I took the chance to tell him about my grades, which, now that I think about it, was probably too inviting for our first talk. His interest
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