I Remember When My Play And How It Compares With Modern Theory

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I Remember When: My Play and how it compares with Modern Theory What is play? When people think of the word play, usually a mental picture of children and various toys enter their minds. However play is so much more than the action of picking up a G.I Joe and playing soldiers. It can be affected by one’s environment, one’s culture, and can even be altered due to changing developmental stages (Let Them Play, 2016). As I look back on my own personal experiences, it is easy to see how these factors even shaped my own play. I can pinpoint my first memories of play to when I was around three to four years of age, to around the time when my younger brother was born. In the two years before my sibling entered the world, I cannot really remember what my play looked like; however once my brother was born, I remember becoming obsessed with baby dolls. As my mother fed Harold, my brother, his formula, I too picked up one of his extra bottles and fed my baby doll. Sometimes I would even leave the doll behind and my brother would become “my baby” as my mother would hand over the bottle and let me be the one to feed him. However as I grew older I gradually switched from baby dolls to Barbie dolls. By this time my brother was crawling, and at the beginning I allowed him to play dolls with me, instructing him on how to properly dress and act with that particular Barbie. Nonetheless he had no interest in my fantasy world and found it far more interesting to gnaw on my Barbie’s feet and

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