I Routinely Declare My Belief That Trustworthy Relationships

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I routinely declare my belief that trustworthy relationships establish the foundation of a relationship in sport psychology. This study provides evidence-based suggestions to support that belief and the importance of trust in a coach (the leader) which can (as suggested by this research) predict future performance of a team. How did you determine if the study 's rationale was clearly articulated (express an idea or feeling fluently and coherently)? Yes, the study’s rationale was clearly articulated. For example, in the introduction, the authors allege their study contributed to sport psychology literature by exploring the conditions and mechanisms that help translate “trust in a leader” and “team trust” into performance. They…show more content…
The research provided empirical evidence to support the authors’ framework while also reinforcing and extending previous research findings such as the coaches are key in team sports because their decisions build team trust which further affects team performance. Their findings also demonstrated the criticality of the coach as a third party in facilitating trust transferability and establishing and maintaining trust in the team. This validated their focus established in the beginning on “the role that the trustworthiness of the third party plays in the development of team trust, rather than on the role of the leader’s trust in others”. I believe this was one of the most noteworthy findings of this research regarding development of theory. In addition, they further developed theory with their finding that a team’s future performance is a function of trust in the coach, level, consensus, particularly in the context of poor past team performance. Another noteworthy finding, in my opinion, regarding theory development was that no previous study had attempted to test the combined effects of trust in different targets (coach and team), the teams’ trust level and consensus in predicting team performance. What skills would you need to determine if the methodology

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