I See Myself Fitting Into Society As An Intermediate Member

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Currently I see myself fitting into society as an intermediate member. I haven’t reached my end goal in terms of career, but I still am a member of the work force. My job may not be my end goal, but it is still a contributing factor in society. I also consider myself a millennial which separates me from older generations. Truthfully where you fit into society is tied to perspective and how you view yourself in comparison to others. As for problems that I wish to solve within society they mainly relate to my future career goals. I feel the education system as it stand currently is ineffective in preparing our youth for a promising future. I wish to be an active participant in creating more effective pedagogy. Not all issues I wish to solve…show more content…
I had been a teacher’s assistant my junior and senior year and was often given the ability to help educate students, but I never felt I was as successful as I could have been. Attending college gives me the ability to enter a program specifically designed to further my ability as a teacher. Another reason for attending college is it offers a chance for me to stretch my comfort zone. I have dealt with general anxiety for almost all my lifetime. Much of this anxiety spurs from school. Although it adds more pressure within my life, I am being given opportunities to learn coping mechanisms.

While researching areas within sociology, two piqued my interest. The first being The sociology of sexuality. This is more of a personal interest than a career related one. Growing up as a homosexual male I often experienced difficult situations. Understanding deeper on the interlacing of sexualities within a society seems interesting. During my youth I received harassment from my peers, and through a sociological standpoint I should analyze this and apply prevention methods within my career field of education. Most of the harassment I received was presented during school hours, and thus any progress I can personally make to ease LGBT+ youth’s progression through the school system is both personally rewarding but also rewarding the student’s lives as well. This ties nicely into my second area that
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