I See Stars: New Demons Review

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I See Stars- New Demons Review I See Stars is back with their fourth album, entitled New Demons. The album was released on 10/22/2013, via Sumerian Records. It seems that they have been working quite diligently over these past few years, as it has only been one a half years since the release of their previous album, Digital Renegade. Although many people did not like that album, I enjoyed it a lot, and I thought it had many standout tracks such as “Gnars Attacks”, “NZT48”, “Digital Renegade”, and “Filth Friends Unite” (check out the music video). With New Demons, they have changed up their sound a lot, and it sounds quite different from Digital Renegade. I believe that New Demons is a progression from Digital Renegade, as it incorporates many more elements of electronic music, and the tracks seem much heavier and interesting. New Demons blends the mix of electronic music and metal music very well. Although ISS attempted to do that in prior albums, the electronic elements would often feel awkward and forced, and sound somewhat out of place. In this album, the integration of different electronic music such as dubstep, drum and bass, and even house music is amazing. In New Demons, the electronic elements feel like they are actually part of the music. This might be due to the assistance of many electronic producers like Celldweller, who are specialists at incorporating electronic music. You can really tell a difference from their previous works when you listen to tracks such
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