I Serve As Vice President Of Finance For My Sorority

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1. (5 points): Do you agree or disagree with the author’s main premise, that we are all salespeople? That we all engage in selling activities, regardless of our profession? Use examples from your own life to back up or refute his main idea (at least 2 examples). Daniel Pink examines how each of us, regardless of our occupation, spends much of our day selling. Although he personally does not work in sales, he claims much of his life is spent “trying to coax others to part with resources” (Pink, 2). With the exception of a few select careers, most all occupations require interaction, negotiation, and compromising with both co-workers and other firms. In my daily life I often use selling in order to complete tasks that I need. I serve as the Vice President of Finance for my sorority. I often need to convince the varying members of my executive council on the best way to utilize our yearly budget. By backing up my ideas with both short term and long term outcomes, I am more easily able to convince the others to back my decisions. Additionally, often as a business major we are in group projects with students we are unfamiliar with. Recently, for an accounting project, we had to choose a company’s financial statements. We were in disagreement of which company would best fit with our proposed changes, I needed to sell my idea that my proposed company would best fit our new changes and enable us to get the best grade possible. 2. (5 points): Describe how Joe Girard’s sales

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