I Somewhat Brought It On Me Essay

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I somewhat brought it on me. Looking at youtube videos, biggest mistake. And always saying “I would tell them about themselves if they tried me”. I really had it coming. The day came I moved into college. Everything was good, so I thought . A few weeks in I started to notice things. At first, I did say anything because we all were still getting used to each other and living with other people. But mostly sharing the same space with other people. I was wrong, about it all. I Remember that day, My mom told me something, because if you know my family we are all dramatic, we overthink everything. On move-in day, my mom told me “She is a wired one” “Watch out for her “. She did kind of give me a bad vibe. ignore the feeling me being judgemental. She seems nice, she seems like a kind person almost innocent if you would say. As I got to know her and my other roommates, Things seem to be great. I honestly don 't know where things went wrong. Catherine started sleeping in the living room. I thought that was strange because she had a room. Some nights she stayed up doing homework so I understood. But it slowly became a bigger problem. Night after night. The apartment smelled really bad, It was a complete mess. Her stuff was everywhere in the living room, all over the coffee table, and Tv stands. And don 't let get started about the kitchen. That was a disaster, literally a hurricane. I never wanted to cook, I ate out to avoid having to deal with cooking plus cleaning up her

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