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I spent about 2 hours with my friend, Liz and her son Justin to assess him via the ASQ 3, which incidentally her Primary Care Physician had asked her to do a couple weeks prior. He actually scored a little higher this time, possibly from going through the assessment twice. Justin had also taken an ASQ when he was one years old. Justin and his mother went to weekly classes for the past two years engaging in play therapy with a clinician. It would seem that there was developmental concerns from a young age for these issues to have been discussed and worked on for the past two years. Liz was homeless and on drugs when she first discovered that she was pregnant. She was also older when she gave birth to Justin, 37 years old which the…show more content…
He may have encouraged her to keep up on his developmental stages. She was not clear about how regular therapy sessions where started for Justin. He is in an environment where is has a lot of support around him and over a dozen children close to his age to interact with. It does seem that Justin has all the necessary support and love he would need to be a well-adjusted three year old. I personally do not have a lot of experience with children, so this is difficult for me to determine how well adjusted he actually is for a boy his age. I have not personally or professionally spent enough time in the presence of this age group. Even if a child is just slower to develop and there are no repercussions later in life, giving a child extra care and working with them in a clinical setting does not seem to have any real draw backs, unless it becomes a financial burden to the parents. In Liz’s case these service have been free for her and have helped her to gain information to better teach her child in certain ways to enrich his development. The sessions have also helped Liz to communicate with Justin in a way that he will be developmentally up to speed and the time they spend bonding in therapy is also excellent for a secure attachment style which has many benefits later in life. “Early intervention is effective because development is malleable and readily affected by
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