I Spent More Time For Nurses

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I spent more time this year making sure that I talked to the families as well as my patients. Another way I improved on my communication was to communicate more effectively between my nurses, the patients and the doctors. If patients had questions I would relay them, and make sure if I was able to answer them I did. Any abnormalities in vital signs were also given to the nurse aid and the nurse was made aware of them as well. The nurse was more of a resource this year, which I really tried to utilize. Senior Year This year, my communication really grew and I become more confident in communicating with multiple team members. I kept in contact with my faculty and peers, I made sure to always introduce myself to my patient and any family…show more content…
Teaching Sophomore Year Teaching during my sophomore year was very basic because I did not have the knowledge or confidence necessary. I was still learning the foundations of the disease processes, and really just trying to correlate my readings with what I was introduced to in the hospital. One example of teaching performed during this semester was with my 84 year old male urinary tract infection patient. He was not in the right frame of mind for teaching, but I tried to explain how eating can help improve his wound healing time, and how important wearing the SCD’s are to prevent DVT, since he is bed bound. During my time on the unit, there was also teaching that needed to be done about medications, administering medications, why I was doing a full assessment, and so forth. The teaching was endless, but I also was the one being taught a lot as well. I realized this semester that a lot of these patients with chronic diseases know about their diseases and what they should be doing, they just are not doing it or able to do it.. Junior Year Teaching during junior year was performed on a more regular basis. During this year, we were learning more than the basics of the disease process, and I really used this knowledge to help educate my patients. I did have one patient,
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