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A new place – a new meaning

When a thing, which has always been in the same place for years and we have forgotten all about it, gets moved we notice immediately. We become confused and we look at the thing in a whole new way because of its new place in e.g. our living room. These changes in our everyday life make an impression on us and that is exactly what happens to Charlie Stowe in the short story “I Spy” when he realises that his father is not who he always thought he was. One day his father is the thing that gets a new place in the room – Charlie’s life.

“I Spy” is a short story written by Graham Greene. It is about a boy, Charlie Stowe, who has never smoked a cigarette and therefore he decides to break into his father’s
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His father is in the frame and by stepping out of it, he changes his place in Charlie’s life and Charlie notices immediately that his father is not unimportant, but actually the most important to him. This revelation is something Charlie discovers after having been in the shop. Before he went down the stairs that night he hated his father and the staircase can symbolize that development from hating to loving his father.

Charlie has a whole new impression of his father when he has stepped out of the frame, and that is what happens to us all when a thing or person are removed from their place in our room. We perceive them in a new way – sometimes a better

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