I Stood Up And Preached

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“A Yes Man,” I stood up and preached, “in my opinion is one of the worst possible people you could end up in a relationship with. Everyone thinks they want a spouse who’ll never tell them no, but until they find out how horrible it can be. They might make you happy for the first few months, but you’ll eventually get tired, bored and angry being around them. They agree with everything you say without contradicting, blinking an eye, or even thinking. They have no backbone, no self-confidence, and are not respectable. They’re insecure individuals who feel no one wants to be with them and are desperate for love. Me just bringing them up pisses me off.” Everyone in the class nodded in amusement with my interpretation, the poor excuse for a…show more content…
I’m going to cheat on you with this man, is that fine with you? Sure dear, dinner will be on the table once you get back. Go kill yourself? Of course, dear, anything for you dear. See the problem here?” Ariana response started with the blankest stare ever on her face. “Sorry, but situations such as those rarely happens. Plus, I’m a person who would never commit horrible crimes in the likes of adultery or inciting a suicide.” “You on the other might be a different story!” Monster blurted out, although, no one was even talking to her. “I’m sorry if I have insulted you, Tre, I believe it was, but I cannot…” “There’s no need to apologize for voicing your opinion, Ariana,” I interrupted her, glaring at the one who decided to butt in on our conversation. “And your friend over there is the one doing the insulting.” “Maybe you should learn how to worry about yourself,” Monster said, once again speaking without the compulsory to do so. Dumb dog just couldn’t resist putting her two cents into this. “Please stop, Tia.” “Why are you bothering me, anyway? I haven’t done anything to you. Yet.” “Hmmm, maybe it’s because you openly admitted to being an apathetic slacker, seem unsophisticated, probably expect people to bend over backwards for you and you come off as feeble-minded, irritating and pejorative. Your smart remarks get on my nerves, you’re a nuisance, a jackass and appear to be full of yourself. Alas, this is only a few of the apparent problems you have on
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