I Study Math Instruction For A Total Of Five Hours

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My observation was completed at Butler Academy on March 3rd and March 4th 2016. I observed math instruction for a total of five hours. The 12 students (grades 7-12, ages 13-18) present in the classroom all qualify for special education services. Mr. Dayton teaches math and science to students in a Special Day Class (SDC) setting. Students are in Mr. Dayton’s classroom ½ of the school day for math and science instruction. Due to privacy concerns, he would not disclose all of the specific disabilities represented by the students in his classroom but he did indicate that the students qualify for special education and that more than one of the students have specific learning disabilities and ADHD/ADD. He also advised me that he has seen an increase in the number of students that have this diagnosis and it likely that both general and special education teachers will have students diagnosed with ADHD/ADD in their classrooms. Evidence based features of instruction include teaching a single skill/concept and strategies that provide step by step strategies explicitly taught by the teacher that students can use to answer math problems (The Isis Center, 2007). I observed Mr. Dayton teach a lesson on fractions. He told me that the lesson was based on Common Core Standards. As he taught the lesson, he asked students if they could eat eat 1/2 of a pie. He also used examples of money to show that a dime is 1/10 of a dollar and that a quarter is ¼ of a dollar or 25%. All
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