I Surmise There Are A Million And One Motivating Factors,

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I surmise there are a million and one motivating factors, which would provide a rationale, as to why an advanced Social Work practitioner desires to return to academia, in order to pursue a Doctoral degree. The motives, one may presume are both intrinsic and extrinsic in nature. Prestige, notoriety, a thirst for knowledge, passion to advance their field, I could go on and on as to the reasons why people chose to continue their education. I believe that my pursuit and the obtainment of my Doctorate in Social Work from The University of Southern California’s Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work; will allow me the opportunity to deepen the knowledge that has guided and shaped me as a practitioner.
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So how pray tell, am I to carry out this valiant mission. I commit myself and my skill to contributing, in a tangible manner, to this profession, my profession that I hold near to my heart. I am to reinvest, giving back both professionally and personally, that’s how.
I often reflect on the reasons why Social Work as a profession is underappreciated and devalued compared to other professions. Given the fact that we rally the cause for advocacy of those persons who are disenfranchised, we serve to protect vulnerable populations, one would think that Social Workers would be held in a higher regard. Unfortunately, this is not our reality and as a result, it is incumbent upon each and every Social Work practitioner to reinvest in the profession. It is my belief that as a profession, we must reinvest in young, impressionable Social Work practitioners. I am a firm believer in Sankofa. Sankofa is an African word borrowed from The Akan Tribe of southern and central Ghana and in the southeastern Ivory Coast. The literal translation of the word Sankofa and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” Far too often, new Social Workers become fatigued and burned out once they enter the field and they are left behind, to experience dissatisfaction and emptiness from the profession. The once optimistic being, which left graduate school

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