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The article “IT Governance and Its Mechanisms” basically explains IT governance and the relationship of IT Governance with enterprise governance. IT governance basically refers to organisational and leadership structures, relationship and process mechanisms and how these aspects are used to ensure the organisation IT strategy supports and maintains the underlying business strategy of the organisation. To better understand IT governance the governance framework can be used. This framework contains processes, relationship mechanisms and supporting structures to help governance be attained in operation. It Terms of the Dentdel case study, many of the key principles such as key governance questions, structures and processes and maturity…show more content…
It would have also helped the issue of the I.T project team feeling that there was not enough support from the business. If the idea was presented to the financial providers there would be a greater possibility of decreasing bad investments, increased project management and also increased support for the project. I.T governance can be implemented by using a mixture of strategies which involve structure, process and relationship mechanisms. When implementing I.T governance it is very important to understand that every organisation is different and have different internal and external factors which may be conflicting. There for there needs to be a mix of the right of mechanisms. This can often be a very complex and challenging task. One mix of strategies may not work for another company and may need different structures, relationship and process mechanisms. To help show the relationship between each mechanism the Peterson model can be used. The structures section of the framework entails the functions IT executives and IT communities are responsible for. Processes involve monitoring and making of strategic decisions. Relationship mechanisms control participation between I.T and business sectors, shared learning and also communication. One of the structural mechanisms related to DentDel is the I.T strategy committee. Such a committee would help the board oversee I.T related matters. It would ensure issues such as I.T priorities, I.T costs and

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