I.T Governance

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The article “IT Governance and Its Mechanisms” basically explains IT governance and the relationship of IT Governance with enterprise governance. IT governance basically refers to organisational and leadership structures, relationship and process mechanisms and how these aspects are used to ensure the organisation IT strategy supports and maintains the underlying business strategy of the organisation. To better understand IT governance the governance framework can be used. This framework contains processes, relationship mechanisms and supporting structures to help governance be attained in operation. It Terms of the Dentdel case study, many of the key principles such as key governance questions, structures and processes and maturity…show more content…
The good way to achieve I.T governance is using maturity models. COBIT provides maturity models which is used to advice and help I.T customers. DentDel has a repeatable but intuitive (level 2) maturity level. It is at the repeatable level because of the fact that there are governance objectives and also new practices which are developed by individual managers. They are looking to create value out of the new wireless order entry system. There are also key selected processes (manual order entry) which have been identified as having a need for improvement. They decided to make the order process more efficient so that sales staffs do not need to bring the orders in every night. This proved to be very inefficient. There is also a beginning standard for basic processes and architecture as all applications will be built on the pear p phone platform. There are also no formal training’s being conducted on governance standards. Individuals have all the responsibility. The steering committee has also established roles and responsibilities. I.e. the over lookers of the project (Sarah, Cedric and Chuck) and also Rafael (CFO) when financial matter are being discussed. There are also pilot governing processes taking place as the sales team is already testing the system but only 25% of project is completed. A main purpose of I.T governance is the alignment of I.T and business to create
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