I Thank Gora Conley Case Analysis

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I thank Gora Conley, who introduced to me the super-resolution microscopy. Thanks for the great patience, all the explanations and the motivation through the whole period of this work.\\ Thanks to Isabelle Spühler she was a great support in many aspects.\\ %Without her critical view, I probably would not have been able to get rid of some general obstacles. I would also like to thank Prof. Frank Scheffold to give me the opportunity being part of this group.\\ Thanks to all the other group members. Nesrin Senbil, Luis Froufe, Arbnor Zenuni, Stefan Aeby, Ricardo Armenta, Nicolas Muller, Chi Zhang, Renata Andrade and Nathan Fuchs. It was a pleasure being part of such a familiar environment and it was a pleasure to test from time to time new guitar
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