I. The Media Event. I Choose An Interview That Discussed

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I. The media event
I choose an interview that discussed the up rise issue of police brutality, the interviewee former Baltimore Police officer Michael A. Wood Jr. spoke on addressing police misconduct and the importance of explaining to African American children the danger of simply being black. He expressed it as “parents are having to explain to their child that as a child you come with a different set of terms and conditions other than your non-black counterparts and if you violate those terms of conditions that can literally mean life or death as in the case of Tamir Rice”. He continues to express the strain black parents, especially of black sons, face having to protect their child from a country that is out to get him, “a country
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Because of the outrage of police brutality many police officers are not trusted by their communities. Police prejudice and racial profiling is responsible for many false arrests, convictions, and death of African Americans and other minorities. It is unfortunate that certain groups of human beings must face these obstacles in their life because they are a minority or because of their skin color or even social class. If I was included in the interview, I would be supportive of the discussion because I believe race consistently plays a key role in police brutality in the United States.
III. Your family
My family instilled in us at a very young age that we had to work for anything we wanted, my families’ social class is middle class. My parents always emphasized the importance of education and respect. My parents always taught me that we are equal to any other race, we lived in a neighborhood that was predominantly African American and attended an all-black elementary school. My earliest memory of race was when I was twelve I was adopted by my aunt and uncle who loved in a predominately Caucasian neighborhood, I would play outside, with my cousins being a few years older than me I often played and rode my bike alone. Soon I met some children that lived in the neighborhood who were caucasian and we would play with each other, I use to even go over their homes. Well, one day I asked one
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