I Think About My Biggest Weakness

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I think that one of my biggest weakness in any walk of life would be that I 'm not all that adapt at writing assignments. I tend to always struggle at finding things to write about, I wish I could learn to be better maybe if would become a better listener it would help, that too is a weakness of mine its not as weak as my writing ability. I would really like to get all of my weak areas better because i feel that oneself if they can improve in weak areas can be a better well rounded individual and improvements in weak areas can also make ones self confidence better and if you have a higher understanding of weak areas and make the necessary improvements the world would be a better place for all who inhabit it. I feel that one small change in each person can change the world for the better and in the event that would occur we would be a happier more advanced world and it all starts with one person making a small step i would be ecstatic to see what would happen if that would come because at the end of the day we all have weak areas in our life that need improvement and it doesn 't mean we all have to be the same it just means that we all improve in a small aspect of life. Also i think that the first step in improving is not only realizing that you have weak areas but it also comes from learning from our mistakes and building and growing on them first but of course you first have to admit and realize you 're weak suits.
The importance of solid communication skills is that it

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