I Think I Can Look Back At Our Team 's Work With A Lot Of Pride

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After a taxing yet highly satisfying project simulation, I think I can look back at our team’s work with a lot of pride. There were definitely some interesting observations during the period, both positive and negative, which kind of mirrored what one can expect in a real-world project. Even though I have had close to 4 years of experience developing and maintaining software in an Agile environment, the concepts we learned in class, and more importantly their application during the simulation, were all very new to me. Below are some of my observations and takeaways from the entire exercise. 1. TEAM PIONEER DYNAMICS Over the duration of the project life-cycle, members of the team got to know each other quite well, which led to a very…show more content…
On the other hand, I feel that probably sticking to one project manager is in the best interest of the team as a collective. By doing so, everyone’s accustomed to one person’s style over the weeks and it becomes easier to delegate tasks for the manager, and for the other team members to focus on their work. 3. BIDDING Our team’s bid raised a few eyebrows. Almost every person I had met from the other teams ridiculed us for placing such a high bid. They found the time we had scheduled and bid amount to be illogical. However, they were not privy to the details of how we came to those numbers, for which we need to thank our team members. They all helped in drawing up a sound estimate taking into account that since we were new to the build, our parts per minute value would be lesser than the one recommended by the professor and the guild, as detailed in the bid documents. Additionally, Colin was able to apply his learnings from risk management classes to our project, which added even more credibility to our submittals. As a result, we were able to put forward a bid backed by solid reasoning. However, we did end up having a spat with Team 3 with regards to the hatch contract. As they were pushed into a corner by Team 2, they tried to make up for their losses by charging us higher than what we had initially agreed on. This reneging on an already agreed upon deal soured things between the two teams
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