I Think Paul Exemplifies A Situational Leader

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I think Paul exemplifies a Situational Leader. He tailors his message to his audience (Northouse, 2016, 7th ed.), addressing Christians and non-believers. Paul uses the directing style when addressing Christians, and he models prayer (King James Version: Book of Colossians, 1). He uses the coaching style when approaching the born-again Christians, encouraging them to actively seek forgiveness (Book of Col., 1). Paul’s toil in the establishment of the early Christian Church exemplifies his supporting style (Book of Col, 1). Finally, Paul demonstrates delegating style when he offers is Final Instructions (Book of Col., 4) to his followers. The communication used by a Situational Leader varies according to the style the Leader has to employ with his follower. The communication is focused on goal achievement when directing, while coaching and supporting tacks on encouragement to reach goals (Northouse). Proper communication is essential during these stages. However, communication is in the follower’s court when the leader is delegating, as “[…] followers take responsibility for getting the job done the way they see fit (Northouse, p. 95-96). Contingency Leadership: Satan I might be going out on a limb here, but I think Satan provides a good example of a Contingency Leader. He tries repeatedly to manipulate the situation to his benefit (Northouse, 2014, 6th ed.). It didn’t work in Heaven when he tried to overthrow God (Book of Isaiah, 14), thus, this type of leadership is not
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