I Think, Therefore, I Am : Frontline Documentary, Digital Nation

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‘I think, therefore, I am’ Frontline Documentary, Digital Nation, is a film I have recently watched. The emphasis of the film was how society is on the rise of reliance on computers, video games, Internet, and similar technologies. In addition, it also centers toward how children are being cultivated by advance technologies as well as the Internet, and how it has, and is affecting their day-to-day lives. Technology as we know it is here to stay and is only getting augmented by future generations of intelligent individuals that are passionate about what they do. We will not be able to keep technology at bay; nor will we be able to be unaffected and untouched by technology. Rene Descartes once argued “I think; therefore, I am,” saying that logical thought entails existence. In Descartes’ theory of mind, what role does consciousness play? Descartes, in fact, believed that all thoughts are, in some way conscious. Many scholars believe that, for Descartes, consciousness is the defining property of mind (e.g., Rozemond 2006). Defining the mind of Descartes as “the substance in which thought immediately resides” (7:161) When Descartes says the term “thought” I believe he is defining poetry of the mind as a distraction; “thought” of mind or the saying “I think; therefore, I am”, extends to “everything that is within us in such a way that we are immediately conscious of it” (7:160). If our mind is thinking substance and thoughts are essentially conscious, perhaps consciousness…

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