I Think Therefore Im By Jennifer Lee Summary

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“I Think, Therefore IM”

A style of writing is as unique as a fingerprint; no two styles are alike. Writing today is not what it was 100 years ago, throughout the use of technology such as phones, laptops, and various apps; many words have been fabricated and etched into everyday communication. The English language has been modernized and branched out into many different styles of writing. In Jennifer Lee’s article, “I Think, Therefore IM”, the author presents the issue of internet lingua franca being instilled into the minds of school children, and being used in an academic setting. The issue is that these children will then incorporate the internet slang into essays and other forms of schoolwork. Therefore, through analysis of Lee’s article,
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One teacher also stated that it didn’t stop there and students showcased their internet lingo through various symbols and smiley faces as well. Students began to rely on symbols when they couldn’t explain themselves through words. This kind of problem needs to be stopped at the root, otherwise students could carry this bad habit of replacing words with symbols into adulthood. Ms. Weaver, a high school teacher, said “They would be trying to make a point in a paper, they would put a smiley face in the end,”. It had gotten to a point where students used smiley faces to put an emphasis on whatever point they were trying to make. They had began to rely on smiley faces rather than words to convey what they’re feeling. This substitution of words for symbols is very inappropriate when it comes to dealings of papers written in a standard English format. It would be unacceptable for these students to bring this style of writing into their college careers. It would also be hard for them to acquire a position at their desired place of work if their employer takes notice to their shorthand instant messaging language and use of symbols. Another teacher, Ms. Harding, claimed that the instant messaging lingo was socially acceptable among students as well as “its acceptable because it’s in their culture… now we’ve got to overcome this new instant-messaging language”. Harding as well as many other teachers are making an effort to teach formal English and break away from this new internet slang. This instant-messaging language has had a negative impact on how students process their thoughts and the school work they produce. It has become a bigger problem due to the fact that it is socially acceptable to their peers. However, educators like Ms. Harding are making an effort to instill the fundamentals of standard English into the minds of
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