I Think This Second Lesson Went Pretty Well

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I think this third lesson went pretty well. One of my students was absent, but I had another girl from a different group join mine for this last time. Although the subject was a bit dull, the girls paid attention throughout the whole lesson and both of them spoke during our discussions. They gave reasoning for their answers and followed along while I read the informational passage. I also feel that I made my lesson very clear, which helped the students understand the main concept better. One problem that I experienced during this lesson was that my students just copied examples out of the information I gave them instead of being more creative when I had them draw an example of a primary source and a secondary source on the back of their worksheets. I also struggled with keep during their full attention while reading the passage because the information wasn’t very exciting, but they did stay attentive because I would ask them questions about certain terms to make sure they were comprehending the information correctly. I feel that this lesson could have been more student centered, but it was very difficult finding activities for the students to do. Most of the activities I found online were worksheets or categorizing. I tried to keep the lesson as engaging as possible by having the students give their opinions on whether a certain item was a primary or secondary source and having them share their reasoning. I also could have had the students read the informational passage,
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