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Andy: I see often times, with companies I work with, I come in and sales are stalled or stagnated and they need to get going, there is a group of people that are there that shouldn’t still be there and have demonstrated over a period of time that it’s just not the right fit for them. It doesn’t mean that they are not going to be productive somewhere else, but they are not a right fit for that environment and often times, you have seen this, the CEO or the VP of sales, has personally taken up the load, that these people are not carrying, which distracts them from other work that they need to be doing, so you have to address that very quickly and promptly. Bridget: I think your point Andy, is a very good one, that just because a rep is…show more content…
Here is an old classic, No.1 what was your W2 at your last job? Bridget: It is so funny to read this one, I was talking to a former colleague of mine, who is actually interviewing today at a company and he was talking about this. What do I tell them about my salary, about what I’m making and on target? We had this discussion and I said, “Hey listen, a common question and I’m not saying this is a great one, but they can ask for your W2, so the only answer you have here, is to tell them what you made.” So, do I think that is the best or worst question? This, to me, is not a sales manager question; it’s more of an HR question. Andy: Yeah, and for me, the other point, the reason that I don’t, it’s sort of interesting. Yeah, you learn two things, you learn whether or not the person performed at the prior job and second, if you are going to ask what they made on their W2, you have to ask to see it as well. So, it has that double benefit of saying, this is a claim that can be verified. My reluctance as to why this really makes and interesting interview question is that, sales environments are so different, from one to the other is, we just got through talking about it. Does someone’s performance at a prior job, in of itself, does that tell you enough about that person to say they are really well worth hiring at this job. The engineer job that you are offering, it’s not a real great screening question, as far as I’m
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